Woodfield Nursery School

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9th April 20
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The nursery school is situated in its own extensive grounds in a residential area. The building is open plan and provides ample space for a wide range of activities for children.

We are committed to providing the best nursery education and establishing a close relationship with parents and carers.

Woodfield staff are all trained to understand development in early years and will provide the highest quality experience for your child.

We are an inclusive school and welcome all children and parents regardless of any disability. In order to make sure that those with disability are not treated less favourably we are seeking to ensure that our school building and the curriculum are accessible by all and will take reasonable action to ensure this. We are consulting with children, parents and outside agencies so as to gain knowledge of their needs.

"Classrooms are a calm oasis of learning. All staff, including each child’s key person support learning expertly. This helps children to improve their confidence as learners." ( Ofsted March 2018)

Values and Principles


Children are at the heart of all that we do at Woodfield and we aim to capture the imagination of every child through developing creative teaching and learning opportunities around individual needs and interests.

We provide a rich, stimulating environment based on the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

We aim to encourage a love of learning through challenging, exciting and fun learning opportunities. We want children to experience the magic of learning and the awe and wonder of finding out about the world around them.

We treat all children with respect and value the diversity within our local community; we work closely with parents to ensure that children feel happy, safe and valued.We teach children the importance of being part of a wider community through our PSED curriculum, citizenship and British values.

We provide a rich, stimulating and exciting learning environment that reflects the age stage and developmental levels of our children.

We encourage independent, inquisitive learners who are confident to challenge their own ideas and play co-operatively with others in shared learning experiences.

We build strong relationships with parents so they feel part of the school community are are confident to talk to us.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to create a rich, stimulating  learning environment which captures the imagination of all our children and inspires them to reach their full potential

"Staff demonstrate patience, genuine listening and just the right amount of new and familiar language to help children to speak. Staff seize any opportunity they can to "carefully extend children’s understanding of the sounds that letters make.

Staff participate in children’s play skilfully......Children are confident to explore, investigate and try out new experiences." (Ofsted 2018)