Woodfield Nursery School

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21st November 18



Our Mission Statement

We aim to create a rich, stimulating  learning environment which captures the imagination of all our children and inspires them to reach their full potential.  

Woodfield Nursery School offers an exciting, balanced and accessible educational experience based on the principles of Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum framework. Woodfield staff are all trained to understand child development in the early years and will provide the highest quality experience for your child. We work closely with parents and take time to get to know you and your child through a carefully planned induction programme. We want to inspire a love of learning that supports your child's education from the very beginning by developing your child's natural curiosity and sense of awe and wonder of the world.

"Classrooms are a calm oasis of learning. All staff, including each child's key person, support learning expertly. This helps children to improve their confidence as learners. Children, including those who speak English as an additional language, communicate happily with one another because of the skilled, sensitive support they receive." ( Ofsted February 2018)

£114.53 raised on School Angel

Thank you to those of you who have used School Angel you have boosted the fund to £114.53
Please use School Angel to support our fund raising.

Parent Governors

As we start a new year we are looking for parents who would like to serve as a Governor. Please speak to a member of staff. Newsletters with details of how to apply will be sent out next week.