Woodfield Nursery School

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9th April 20
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Woodfield Kindergarten


Woodfield Kindergarten is available for children of 2 years of age.

Woodfield Kindergarten provides a welcoming and warm learning environment based around the principles of Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We have highly dedicated and experienced staff who are led by Catherine, our graduate teacher. We offer well-resourced continuous provision which is enhanced to reflect the interests of our children and provide a broad range of activities and high quality learning experiences.

The staff are skilled in settling the children and work closely with parents to ensure that all children have an individual settling in period. We encourage parents to stay with their child and play with them so that your child can form a relationship with their Keyperson and they feel safe and secure before being left.

The children in the Kindergarten play regularly with our older children in the outdoor area and this helps them to learn new ideas, socialise and get to know all the staff in the Nursery.

We encourage parents to attend social events at the school and attend celebrations such as our Christmas Concerts and Eid party.