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Nursery School

Helping Every Star to Shine




Nursery School

Helping Every Star to Shine

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We encourage children to enjoy messy activities such as painting, sticking, sand and water play. Please dress your child in clothes that are easy for them to play in.


We strongly recommend elasticated trousers: they are comfortable, easily managed by the children( i.e. going to the toilet).


Please make sure that sleeves can be pulled up easily, waterplay and washing hands are always popular!


We encourage children to play outside and only very wet weather keeps us indoors. Please ensure that warm outdoor clothing is worn even if you have arrived by car. Ensure footwear is suitable for outdoors - wellies on muddy days are practical and can be cleaned easily. We do have some waterproofs and wellies but children often feel more comfortable in their own clothes. 


It is important that the children participate in all the nursery activities unless there is a sound medical reason for not taking part.


Please name all items of clothing especially jackets and coats. We would be grateful that all Nursery and Kindergarten clothing is returned as we are often short if children need changing. 


Nursery Tshirts & Accessories

Worried about your child's clothes getting ruined?  You now have the option to order T-shirts and accessories that can be worn just for Nursery.


To place an order please visit;


Please help your child by ensuring he/she wears a pair of velcro or easy fastening shoes that they can manage by themselves. Trainers are ideal.  We have wellington boots for wet outdoor play but your child can have their own if you so wish. Please ensure that they fit your child’s feet and have their name written in.


Shoes with heels or flip flops are not suitable footwear for nursery and for children’s safety they will be changed into a pair of nursery’s pumps.



Glass bangles and necklaces with strong cord are potential hazards during play. Please keep these at home. Only stud earrings may be worn. Hoop earrings can be pulled and cause injury to children’s ears. Long dresses look pretty, but are very dangerous for outside play.